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eye treatments

Did you know that the delicate skin surrounding the eyes is up to 10x thinner compared to the rest of your face?

dermalogica ultracalming duo

The powerfully soothing antidote to sensitive skin, the UltraCalming System from Dermalogica now has now has two new incredibly unique additions! Introducing Calm Water Gel and Barrier Defense Booster, harnessing the best of nature with science to bring back balance to sensitive skin. Do you consider yourself as having sensitive […]

dermalogica precleanse balm

Ever wake up in the morning to find last night’s ‘look’ smeared across your pillow? You’re not the only one. According to Dermalogica, more than half of us ladies (54%) will see make-up all over our bedding because we simply haven’t cleansed properly. With the average person only spending  20 […]

dermalogica this is campaign

THIS IS healthy glowing skin, for life! Dermalogica are passionate about skin health for all, every skin type, colour and texture. Driven by a desire to share their expertise in all things skin, Dermalogica can help you achieve your healthiest skin ever! Meet Victoria Schofield, Education Executive at Dermalogica. With […]

Effects of stress on skin

Today, we will be focusing on how stress can affect the skin and a few ways you can help to reduce stress and effectively deal with problem skin.

tanning with fair skin

Here at DermalSense we have compiled a few helpful hints and tips to help all of you fair skinned sun worshipers get an enviable, healthy tan!

If you’re striving for better looking skin, see our short guide to the 5 golden rules of skincare to achieve glowing skin in no time!

With the desire for luscious golden locks reaching an all-time high, many people are turning to bleach as a solution however, they don’t realise the damage

make up brushes

We promote skin health as a priority rather than skin beauty because it stands to reason that healthy skin will feel and look like beautiful skin.

Over the years, the concept of metrosexual grooming and taking pride in one’s physical appearance has become more and more popular in modern day society.