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Beauty Regimes for Men

Over the years, the concept of metrosexual grooming and taking pride in one’s physical appearance has become more and more popular in modern day society. Alongside the rise of efforts put into looking fabulous every single day comes a rise in demand for more male grooming products that can effectively transform bad, acne-prone skin into a supple, radiant glow that can be noticed from afar.

Last year in the UK, it was predicted that the male toiletries market witnessed a staggering value of roughly £605m (exchange rates may apply). In addition, it is thought that by 2017, the UK will undergo a massive increase and meet a final value of at least £670m.

Following a regular beauty regime can not only make us look great, but feel great in ourselves making it important that males and females alike abide by the rule of only using high-quality products that are light on our skin but do the job just as well.

So, where do we start? Like any female beauty regime, a male grooming routine should begin with a respectable cleanser.


Not only do cleansers work into the deepest pores to help remove any remaining dirt or debris, it also removes residue and oils from the skin’s surface. On using a cleanser, your skin will become subject to a deep clean and will be fully prepared for the next step of your skincare regime.


A toner has the capability to remove any residue that was left by your cleanser and renovate your skin’s natural pH balance. Though cleansers are fantastic for deep cleaning routines, they may cause a breakout of spots and skin irritation. This is where toners come in handy. Toners can help to restore your skins natural moisture levels in order to keep your skin in tiptop condition.


Now, for many men, shaving is a big no no for the simple fact that the routine they adopt irritates there skin meaning that any previous beauty regime efforts have been lost. However, there is a way to tackle this problem. By altering your shaving technique and using the most satisfactory and suitable products for your skin type, you will be able to preserve perfect skin even after a quick shave in the morning. If you’re having trouble trying to find a suitable product, why not try Dermalogica’s shave system? Not only is it a massive favourite for men all across the country, it holds a variety of products suitable for even the worst skin and is a cheap dermalogica product.


If you’re prone to dry skin, a good moisturiser can be a lifesaver. As well as its rehydrating benefits, the regular use of moisturisers can help to keep your skin looking healthy and youthful while reducing vital signs of aging. When choosing the most suitable moisturiser, it is important to keep an eye out for one that is appropriate for your skin type and if you are prone to oily skin, simply choose an oil-free moisturiser to keep the skin looking fresh.

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