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THIS IS healthy glowing skin, for life!

THIS IS healthy glowing skin, for life! Dermalogica are passionate about skin health for all, every skin type, colour and texture. Driven by a desire to share their expertise in all things skin, Dermalogica can help you achieve your healthiest skin ever!

Meet Victoria Schofield, Education Executive at Dermalogica. With over 20 years’ experience as a professional skin therapist, she shares her top tips for healthy skin!

Achieving healthy glowing skin for life means investing in your skins future with results driven formulas designed to fit seamlessly into your everyday health maintenance regimen. Think about looking after your skin daily as you do your teeth, brushing and flossing twice a day for great oral health.

At Dermalogica we recommend you include some key steps in your skin care regimen that are essential to achieving and maintaining healthy skin.

1. Double cleanse. Wash your face, rinse and repeat for super clean skin! Truly clean skin is the foundation to healthy skin. Start with PreCleanse, a lightweight oil that cuts through make-up and lifts oils and sunscreens right off! Follow with a cleanser suited to your skin condition, Special Cleansing Gel is a great all-rounder, a gentle foaming wash that lifts impurities without drying or stripping skin. Ensure to double cleanse in the morning and evening, and within a month of doing this you should see a vast improvement in skin texture and clarity.

2. Exfoliate. Our skin replaces itself constantly, losing up to 1 million dead skin cells a minute! This process of cell renewal needs some assistance to keep our skin ticking over nicely, this is even more important post age 30 as the process begins to slow down. The best place to start is with a gentle exfoliant or what we call microfoliation. The award winning Daily Microfoliant is quick and easy to use and gentle enough for daily use. After cleansing, simply mix ½ tsp of the Rice Bran based powder with water and massage over skin for a minute, then rinse. This leaves your skin super smooth and glowing thanks to the brightening complex of ingredients.

3 Tone. You may have found toning your skin uncomfortable in the past as many toners contain stripping alcohol. Traditionally used on cotton wool pads to remove residue of cleanser, remaining dirt and make-up. With the Dermalogica double cleanse, your skin is left clean with no residue so toning is all about preparation for moisturiser and loading the skin with moisture magnets. Spritz liberally with Multi Active Toner, this thirst quenching mist is full of humectants that hydrate skin and bind moisture to it. This will make your moisturiser go further and spread more evenly. Pro tip! Multi Active Toner can be misted over make-up throughout the day to prevent skin from drying out, maintaining that healthy glow!

4. Moisturise. The final step in your essential daily regimen is to moisturise and protect skin from the environment. Dermalogica has a range of moisturisers from lightweight oil free formulas to heavyweight creams. Try Skin Smoothing Cream, a medium weight moisturiser for normal to dry and dehydrated skins. This is our most popular moisturiser! We always advise to apply a SPF for daytime to fully protect the skin from damaging UV rays which are the number one cause of premature lines and wrinkles! Solar Defence Booster SPF50 can be worn alone or mixed in equal parts with your daytime moisturiser for a customisable SPF of 40+. Fortified with antioxidant vitamins and advanced sunscreen technology, it offers broad spectrum protection from both UVA and UVB.

To get started on your journey to healthy glowing skin, pick up a Dermalogica Skin Kit. From just £30 you get a full regimen of products that lasts 30 days, enough time to achieve visible results! 

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