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Is pollution the culprit?

We all have certain things that we’re not happy about when it comes to our skin; whether it’s pimples or dry skin, we all try to combat these issues. However, could pollution be the culprit behind your skincare woes?

According to Yahoo, pollution might just be the cause for a range of skin problems which we deal with on a daily basis.

Board Certified Dermatologist, Julie E. Russak, said, “Pollution really has two components. One factor is particle matter of various sizes, which is the visible black soot you wipe off your face. Then there are the gasses: ozone, nitrogen dioxide, Sulfur dioxide and carbon monoxide. These are the main players when it comes to skin-impacting pollutants.”

Dr Russak continues by saying, “The ozone layer, the one closest to the planet at the sub-stratosphere, is highly reactive with everyday pollutants from cars, the air,  chemical plants, even water and dust particles. And when they react with the UV, they create a carcinogenic factor that breaks down proteins and destroys the lipids in our skin.”

While pollution is a worldwide issue, I think we’re all surprised that the effects actually become quite personal.

Director of Global Education for Dermalogica and the International Dermal Institute, Annet King, said, “We have long believed in the ravages of UV light and smog and dust, but particularly the harmful effects of ozone on the skin.”

“When you look at highly-polluted areas of India and China, there are now much larger issues around sensitivity with skin types that aren’t historically inclined to be sensitive. If you have darker skin, the inflammation and broken capillaries aren’t seen as easily, but they’re felt. People complain of skin being hot and itchy and, upon further inspection, you see that the skin has been compromised.”

So, on the topic of pollution, how does it actually affect our skin? Well, Dr Frederic Brandt, MD, commented on this and listed “dryness, premature ageing, dull skin, clogged pores, skin irritation, inflammation and allergies” as being just a few of the issues our skin faces. He also mentioned how once your skin is sensitive due to pollution, it becomes more vulnerable.

He said, “We’re starting to realise the effects of inflammation are far more serious than we thought. It can lead to cancer, heart problems, diabetes and other health issues.”

So, with all the negativity circling, is there anything we can actually do. Well, King suggested “’double cleansing’”.

“You have to remove the soot and the day to day chemicals that you’re exposed to (dust from computer screens and phones etc.), as well as long-lasting make-up.”

She added, “If you see and feel bumps under your skin (especially around the chin, nostrils and tops of your cheeks, it means the gunk hasn’t been removed from your skin.”

So, if you’re looking for a solution that can shield your skin against the detrimental effects of pollution, please take a moment to look through our range of Dermalogica products to find the right product to meet your needs.

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