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Treating the eye area

Did you know that the delicate skin surrounding the eyes is up to 10x thinner compared to the rest of your face? Did you also know that this area of the face often ages the quickest? Usually, as people age they become prone to dark circles and other signs of ageing under the eyes; this may be for the most part down to genetics however, there are a few things you can do to help treat you eye area.

Applying your product

As the skin around the eyes has no pores, it means that even if you do apply product past the orbital bone (the bone around the eye), it will not be able to penetrate the skin. Instead, you’ll probably be left with what’s known as Milia, small, white bumps and depending on the product, greasy eyelids.

When applying, you should stop at the bone and smooth the serum or cream underneath. You should take care when dealing with this area as it is delicate and avoid pulling at all costs, even when you are applying your make-up.

Dermalogica have a few specially formulated products that will help to not only combat signs of ageing, but also help to address dehydration and soothe the eye area. If you’re looking for a serum, why not give this a try?


While it’s true that you can’t avoid genetics or allergies that may cause your eyes to flare up from time to time, you can do something to help treat dark circles and puffiness. Try to cut down on salty foods and be gentle when dealing with the delicate eye area to help diminish these vital signs of ageing. If you find that a new diet isn’t working, it might be worth popping a few cucumber slices on your eyes every so often for up to 20 minutes to help relieve puffiness.

More Sleep and Hydration

If your dark circles aren’t genetic then a lack of sleep could be a primary trigger. One of the best and obvious ways to reduce the appearance of dark circles around the eyes is to simply get more sleep! You may find that more sleep can benefit your skin as well as the eye area.

As for hydration, while it’s great to drink plenty of water throughout the day, what we mean are a few ingredients that can help to keep the skin looking refreshed and, well… hydrated! A good example of this is hyaluronic acid which will help to keep your skin looking hydrated throughout the day while combatting free radicals (skin ageing radicals) at the same time! Another example would be Grapeseed Oil. So, next time you’re shopping for a new skin care product, it might be worth keeping an eye out for one of these two ingredients.

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