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Tanning tips for fair skin

When summer arrives in the UK you get out there and get what you can from it while it lasts! We have a very limited and precious window when it comes to topping up our tans and frolicking outdoors, so we have to make the most of it.

However, many of us in the UK are blessed (cursed) with fair or sensitive skin and though you may be desperate to get out into the sun and get some much needed colour, we all know over exposure to the sun can be very damaging to your health.

So, here at Dermalsense we have compiled a few helpful hints and tips to help all of you fair skinned sun worshipers get an enviable, healthy tan!

Know your skin

As you know, pale skin has no natural darkness or rosiness to it, which means it is incredibly difficult to tan without burning. This means that right off the bat, you can’t just simply oil yourself up and go hunting for sun traps; there is some preparation and common sense required.

Before you go out into the sun, try to avoid showering as your body’s natural oils can actually help the process – and with pale or fair skin, you need all the help you can get. Next, be sure to apply sun tan lotion liberally! This is sensible advice for anyone, but more so for those who burn easily.

Also, use a sun tan lotion that is specifically formulated for sensitive skin. Dermalogica’s Super Sensitive Shield is perfect for sensitive skin, as it is chemical free and actually works in harmony with your body’s natural oils to encourage UV protection. In addition, it is formulated to rejuvenate sore or tender areas, as well as protect them.

Take your time

If you have pale skin it is essential that you take your time when it comes to tanning. You are not going to become a bronze god in the space of a single afternoon of intensive sun exposure; you need to build your tan up evenly and progressively.

Though everyone’s skin reacts differently to the sun, it is wise to start off by spending 20 minutes at most taking in the sun. In your subsequent sessions, increase your time by 10 minutes each time. Also, keep an eye on your skin, if it starts looking red or begins to itch or feel tingly then seek shade or head inside as soon as possible.

Also, let your skin rest properly between sessions. Tanning is basically encouraging your skin to produce melanin, which makes the lovely bronze colour we all strive for. The process of melanin production continues for several hours after you have left the sun, which means you don’t have to spend hours waiting to go brown, the tanning has already begun!

Look after your skin

Healthy, well maintained skin tans and heals much better than dry, unhealthy skin, so if you are chasing that perfect tan it is vital that you take extra care to look after your skin. This means making sure you drink lots of water and, particularly with fair skin, you keep it well moisturised and use after sun products to help lock in moisture and maintain your skin’s natural UV defences.

Here at DermalSense we stock a wide variety of high quality Dermalogica products, but we have recently expanded our product range to include other reputable skin care brands such as St Tropez and Youngblood. So, if you are in need of some extra help to keep your skin looking healthy this summer, you can rest assured that we will have the skincare product for you.

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