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Healthy Skin is Happy Skin

DermalSense is one of the top stockists for Dermalogica in the UK, highly trained in their products and passionate about skincare. Their business model is to provide cheap Dermalogica products accompanied by in depth consultations to ensure people have a skincare regime tailored specifically to them and focused on health and beauty, instead of beauty alone. Like Dermalogica, DermalSense have strong beliefs regarding the ethics and practice of the cosmetics industry. Their primary principle is that it is more important for people to aspire to overall skin health rather than beauty, particularly as it is a given that healthy skin is beautiful skin. DermalSense advocate that achieving and maintaining overall skin health is possible by combining suitable skin care regimes and a healthy skin-friendly lifestyle.

As well as following the age old advice of having a healthy diet, exercising regularly and using Dermalogica products to repair and revitalise your skin, make sure you remember to live an all-round healthy lifestyle because that’s what makes you healthy, inside and out. Here are some top tips for lifelong skin health:


Kick The Bad Habits

Smoking is all over the news these days as the primary cause for all manner of maladies, with new research and theories popping up all the time. One thing smoking does contribute to is bad skin. From little things like yellow stains on your fingers and creating wrinkles around your mouth from pursing and inhaling to bigger issues like depleting the skin of oxygen, nutrients, collagen and elastin…smoking is not skin friendly. Excessive alcohol consumption also dehydrates the skin, robbing it of nutrients. Kick the bad habits and let your skin glow. To make sure you don’t suffer from dehydration generally, make sure you drink lots of water (not sugary sodas or dehydrating coffees). The ‘rule’ is to drink 8 glasses of water a day but the more you drink, the more your body will detox and your skin will have a fresh and healthy glow.

Be Sun Smart

The sun is another one of the media’s preoccupations as something that is both vital and detrimental to your health. You need sunlight to absorb vitamins and minerals but too much or irresponsible exposure will damage your skin long-term and might even lead to serious health problems, like skin cancer. Make sure you wear sunscreen whenever you’re outside (remember – UV rays are present on cloudy days too!) and if you have particularly sensitive skin then make sure you don a floppy hat or snapback when you’re out in the sun. When it comes to skin protection, it really is better to be safe than sorry.

De-stress and Rest

Life can all be a bit much sometimes and you will have bad days but excessive stress takes its toll on you physically and mentally. With increases in hormones and a tendency to binge when feeling low, stress can lead to breakouts and frown-lines among other things. Try to take some time for yourself every now and then to de-stress and recoup. If you get especially stressed out then you might want to try being proactive and doing things like meditation, breathing exercises or yoga; keeping calm and happy is good for your body and mind as well as your skin. Your skin also benefits from getting enough rest. We are all guilty of letting life get in the way of having 8 hours a night but sleep is vital to your overall health and it allows your skin to heal and repair things like depleted nutrients. So relax and rest up.


Your skin is the largest organ in your body and in the same way you make lifestyle choices and changes to keep your heart, lungs and brain healthy you need to take precautions and adopt good habits to keep your skin happy and healthy.

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