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Unveiling Gatsby’s Skin Secret

Following the long-awaited release of The Great Gatsby, it comes as no surprise that the film’s unique blends of modern soundtrack and 1920’s style has taken the country by storm. Taking into consideration Gatsby’s beautiful yellow Rolls Royce and his incredible parties, making Leonardo DiCaprio the man of the hour was most definitely the right choice.

Leonardo’s and Carey Mulligan’s untouched skin appeared ageless, even on the big screen. The mastermind behind this incredible effect was none other than Diane Dusting.


A Short Bio on Diane Dusting

Renowned for her creative techniques, Diane Dusting has carried her work all over Europe and is famous for her ability to reinvent breath-taking looks that range from natural and innocent to over the top dramatic.

In the past Diane has worked alongside a variety of top designers such as Wayne Cooper, Joe’s Jeans and Collette Dinnigan and her work has been featured by publications including Elle and Cosmopolitan.


So, how did Diane Dusting achieve such marvellous results?

When asked, the makeup artist replied ‘Dermalogica was my on-set essential for The Great Gatsby’. Diane went on to add that dermalogica helped her achieve the flawless afterglow the actors and actresses needed when filming the grand and most important party scene where Daisy attends one of Gatsby’s infamous parties.


The Importance of Make-Up Preparation

As make-up preparation is one of the greatest aspects to consider when filming it is important for a makeup artist to strike the perfect balance between oily and dry skin to produce the most satisfactory results. Sadly this result is hard to achieve as every actor and actress has a different skin type making it difficult for a make-up artist to select a product that caters for all.


Why Choose Dermalogica?

Dermalogica is an affordable alternative to various other high-cost skin care brands currently on the market but what makes it so unique? Dermalogica products are specially designed to cater for all skin types and are incredibly gentle on the skin making it ideal for those suffering with severe skin conditions such as acne or bad eczema.

Not only this, Dermalogica as a brand is against animal testing. Dermalogica’s main objective is to provide the UK population with a safe and reliable solution to unhealthy skin in order to enhance to natural beauty of individuals all across the country.

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