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Dermalogica launches new chemical peel treatment

Dermalogica UK salons and spas will soon now have a new service to offer clients of all skin types through launching their first-ever chemical peel treatment.

The new BioActive Peel will be an ideal treatment for those who suffer from severe acne, razor bumps or those looking to prevent premature signs of anti-aging.

Unlike other skin peels, the Dermalogica BioActive peel has been made for women with busy lifestyles in mind, consisting of quick but in-depth treatments which offer the same benefits of traditional chemical peels. However with a Dermalogica peel there’s no need for a resting period afterwards, which leaves no traces of post-peel inflammation.

Containing ingredients to hydrate and relax, the peel exfoliates to make skin smoother, significantly reducing dry patches and the appearance of fine lines. It also targets hyperpigmentation, using pumpkin and papaya enzymes to stimulate the skin’s natural collagen production.

In order to perform the peel, Dermalogica’s salon experts have to undergo extensive training and gain a qualification before they can offer the treatment due to the powerful and effective ingredients the peel contains.

The peel is currently being introduced at three locations in the United States, who will begin offering clients the service in November 2013.

In the meantime, there are plenty of skincare services available for UK salons, including facials, face mapping and intensive resurfacing masques, allowing clients to escape the stresses of shopping by indulging in some relaxing and professional treatments. There’s also a plethora of websites selling cheap Dermalogica products available to customers in the UK, including gift sets of their most popular products for both men and women, making ideal gifts for loved ones this Christmas.

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