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5 Must-Have Dermalogica Gym Products

With summer well and truly in full swing and people continuing to work-out like crazy to achieve that seasonal bod, taking care of your skin at the gym can often be difficult; from sweat to make-up debris, it can seem almost impossible to look and feel great while you’re working out. However, it is possible to look and feel fantastic at the gym without having to haul around a full make-up bag and reapply every 10 minutes. Below we have compiled just 5 of the must-have Dermalogica gym products you need for your next visit.

Clean Start Smart Mouth Lip Shine

Chapped lips and dry skin around the mouth can often make us feel unappealing and can be painful too. Dermalogica’s Clean Start Smart Mouth Lip Shine works to moisturise and nourish the lips while providing adequate, long-lasting shine. With a unique blend of Vitamin E, Cocoa Seed Butter and Shea Butter, your lips will be left feeling super soft.

Precleanse Wipes

This travel-friendly pack of wipes is designed to melt away and remove layers of surplus oils, waterproof make-up, pollutants and products to provide users with relief from dirt, debris and oily shine. It also works to calm and smooth the skin through essential fatty acids and helps to promote adequate skin repair.

Environmental Control Deodorant

Dermalogica’s Environmental Control Deodorant is infused with a unique collection of ingredients that work to combat odour and reduce signs of irritation. In addition, these components will absorb sweat while avoiding leaving behind a white residue on both clothing and skin. By eliminating odour-causing bacteria, you will be left with a perfect gym solution.

Cover Tint SPF-20

Taking the harm caused by UV rays into consideration, Dermalogica have established a long-lasting, hydrating foundation that delivers adequate flawless coverage while allowing users to build on coverage throughout the day that also consists of SPF technology. Fragrance-free, this foundation helps to soften lines and balance natural skin tone while smoothing the surface.

UltraCalming Mist

Last but not least, we have Dermalogica’s UltraCalming Mist which works to relieve users from the signs of aggravated skin including redness and stinging and helps to adequately condition the skin and prepare it for moisture absorption. In the form of a spray mist, it’s easy to use and available in a travel-size bottle so it is easy to carry around and apply when you need to.

These are just 5 of the Dermalogica products you can take to the gym on your next visit. Do you have any more that you think belong on this list?

If you’re interested in any of these products and would like to find out more, please take a moment to visit the individual product pages. Alternatively, if you need a bit of advice on what product is best for your skin type or you’d like to know more about what we offer on our site, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly customer service team today.

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