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3 Common Summer Scenarios

Summer is a fantastic time of year; not only does this sunny season offer up an array of activities and post-spring hobbies, it also gives us a chance to spend some time with our friends and families while still working on our sun-kissed tans. From a trip down the beach to festivals, there’s so much to do in so little time and when we are planning to lead such an exciting, seasonal lifestyle, there’s one thing that we have to bear in mind; our skincare. Yes, I know, cutting 20 minutes out at the start of everyday to ensure proper make-up prep and adequate skincare probably isn’t what you had in mind, but if you want to come out glowing on the other side it becomes a necessity, especially if you want to avoid the classic summer disasters.

Below we have compiled just a few seasonal scenarios and how to avoid utter chaos.

‘You’re planning to meet with your best friends for a trip down the beach for a quick dip and sunbathing however, you’ve started to notice break-outs on your face and body and don’t want to wear make-up in fears that it will run in the sea.’

Quite a lot of people nowadays suffer from acute break-outs and if you do want to calm it down before your trip, Dermalogica’s Clear Start Breakout Clearing All-Over Toner can help. Not only does it help to diminish and eliminate break-outs, it also reduces signs of inflammation and works to soothe the skin. On top of all this, it also consists of twelve botanicals that gently revive the skin.

‘Your trip to the local outdoor pool can’t come quick enough! However, you’re worried about your eyeliner flicks and mascara running in the water, leaving you with panda eyes.’

Simple solution; take it off before you get in. You have to make sure, however, that you remove it properly otherwise you’ll be left with traces of mascara, eyeliner and other eye make-up that will run in the water. Dermalogica’s Soothing Eye Make-Up Remover is great for gently dissolving all traces of lip and eye make-up, is suitable for people who wear contact lenses and doesn’t cause irritation around the eyes, making it ideal for use before a quick swim.

‘You’re preparing for your week away in the sun, but you often suffer from redness and discomfort after shaving.’

This is a common scenario that most people have encountered at some point, but don’t worry as Dermalogica’s Close Shave Oil can help you to achieve silky smooth skin. This oil helps to diminish the frequency of razor burn and cuts and works to condition the skin while focusing on comfort and precision.

These are just 3 common summer scenarios and how the above cheap Dermalogica products can help you to survive this season. Do you have any more tips that you’d like to add?

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