Dermalogica Power Rich 50ml

Designed with smooth skin in mind and equipped with a beneficial blend of brightening extracts, this formula works to provide users with velvety smooth skin while ensuring optimal absorption. 

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For smoother, brighter skin you’ve come to the right place as Dermalogica’s Powerfoliant works to eradicate deadening surface cells in order to optimise the absorption of fellow brightening treatments as well as smooth uneven skin. Also, the products dual-chamber delivery system works to provide ultimate potency while ensuring that freshness is thoroughly reserved following application. 

Pumpkin Fruit Ferment, Papain and Salicylic Acid – These three components help to exfoliate surface cells in order to stimulate brightening of the skin.

Lactic Acid – An alpha hydroxy acid that stimulates cell renewal and cell turnover while helping to brighten the skin.

Phytic Acid – An acid that chelates Copper to inhibit the Tyrosinase enzyme involved with melanin formation.

Niacinamide – This ingredient inhibits the transfer of melanosomes to keratinocytes.

Ascorbyl Glucoside (Vitamin C), Ferula Foetida Roof Extract, Licorice Root Extract and White Tea Extract – A collection of vitamins and extracts that help to brighten the appearance of the skin. 

Firstly, activate the formula by pressing down on the button in the cap in order to release the concealed powder. Once you have done so, shake the bottle until the powder has completely dissolved in the liquid and twist the cap off. Then, screw the applicator onto the revealed base and gently pull to remove the cap.

Once you have prepared your applicator, apply up to 6 drops onto the face and neck and massage until the formula has been absorbed by the skin. Allow a few minutes for the formula to activate before rinsing off thoroughly. To keep fresh, reseal the bottle with the applicator cap.  It is advised to use the formula within 4 weeks of breaking the seal. To reactivate, simply shake the bottle to mix the ingredients. This formula is best used twice a week following your usual cleansing routine.

This product is not recommended for those who currently take orally-prescribed or topical acne exfoliation medications. You should avert from using this formula if you are suffering from any of the following; sensitive or irritated skin, skin that has recently undergone waxing, exfoliation or resurfacing treatment or sunburnt skin.


Amazing product

My skin is dry and it is starting to show some slacking at the jaw line. This is the first Dermalogica product I tried and I am really amazed by the results. Even if the cream is not greasy or thick, from the first day I used I noticed the dryness improving. It is too early to say if it actually works also to improve firmness, but it is definitely a lovely product to use. The only minus point is the price, although it is money well spent, when compared to other luxury treatments that come in a jar. I particularly dislike spending lots of money for jars, while this cream comes in little tubes that can be squeezed down to the last drop

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