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Dermalogica Gentle Cream Exfoliant 75ml

The Gentle Cream Exfoliant is designed to significantly enhance the skin’s natural texture and consists of a unique blend of soothing ingredients.

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Through an amalgamation of beneficial ingredients that help to clear and revitalise the skin, this formula is equipped with the products necessary to free congested follicles, loosen defunct skin cells and promote healthy skin while accelerating cell turnover and renewal rates through a combination of hydroxy acids. Ideal for all skin types excluding sensitised conditions, this product is prepared with a two-in-one exfoliation and masque treatment and features ingredients that encourage non-irritable retexturisation of the skin.

Lactic Acid and Salicylic Acid – A mixture of these two acids helps the slough of dead skin cells therefore speeding up cell renewal.

Sulfur – This ingredient helps to clear the skin by eliminating bacteria associated with acne and by clearing excess oil and congestion in the follicle.

Papain and Bromelain – Enzymes that digest excess surface cells.

Lavender, Aloe Vera and Coneflower – Extracts that help to reduce sensitivity and soothe skin.

Diatomaceous Earth – This component gently resurfaces and refines.

Apricot Kernel Oil – This oil helps to maintain skin’s protective barrier.

Firstly, perform the Dermalogica Double Cleanse before applying a very thin layer of Gentle Cream Exfoliant over thoroughly cleansed skin, ensuring that you avoid skin surrounding the nostril and lips. Also, be sure to take extra care when applying around the sensitive eye area. Leave to set for up to 10 minutes before rinsing. It is advised to use this treatment up to 3 times per week or as recommended by your professional Dermalogica therapist.

This Dermalogica product is not advised for use by those who currently undergo topical or orally-prescribed acne treatment or if you are suffering from sunburnt, irritated, recently waxed or sensitive skin. In addition to this, if you take skin exfoliant medicines, this product is not recommended for you.

Gambino Claudia

really good

I have a problematic skin (a little bit of acne, oily-combination skin,some wrinkles, a sensibility to aggressive products...) but this exfoliating cream works! I found my skin smoothier and cleaner. I applied twice in a week without allergic breakouts!



Really wonderful product. I have just used it twice but it is effective from the first time.
I recommend it.

Gramaglia Lara

Great product

Works wonders if you're not into scrubs. Gets rid of all dead skin cells and gives you a lovely glowing complexion straight after removing it


Nice little exfoliant

The product is a bit pricey, I know. But it does seem to work. My skin has been looking less flaky and healthier since I started using it once a week. I also enjoy the fact that unlike scrubs, it cleans your skin without being aggressive to it. So if you do have some spare cash, give it a try! :)

Attia Nosri


This cream exfoliant is really powerful, i used it twice in 30 days, and it just took away a milia that was under my brow, and i'm so grateful for this product because it made my skin smoothier and brighter too.. so i'd like to advise you (skin normal/dry + not unified skin) to use this product and you will never regret :)

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